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In 2023 GYEON announced a complete overhaul of 11 different products by offering an improved version of these already high-performance products.

Not only did GYEON completely change the formulations of 11 existing products, but they also launched completely new products.

Here are the new products that have just arrived on our shelves as of March 27, 2024.

Completely new products


Q²M TotalRemover, as the name suggests, was designed to remove everything from sealants to old coatings to factory waxes and everything in between. Perfect for preparing factory-fresh cars before applying a coating or for removing old coatings without polishing.

While being extremely effective in creating a well-prepared surface, it can also help level out 'High Spots'. This will be extremely useful on matte paint or in the event of a hardened 'high spot' on a delicate surface where polishing is not possible.

It is recommended to use this product in the decontamination phase on a clean, wet surface. Generously spray one panel at a time, taking care to agitate the product using a washing mitt or microfiber.


Q²M ECOWash allows you to quickly and safely clean your vehicle without the need to use running water or have a facility with a drain, or without allowing any detergent to run into the floor or driveway . It can be used in three different ways: as a waterless wash; as a rinse-free wash; as a drying aid. Concentrated formula allows you to explore different dilutions and find your preferred blend based on application, usage, climate and personal preference

Wash without water: dilute 1:15/1:10 - Wash without rinsing: dilute 1:256/1:150 - Drying aid: dilute 1:20.

This product is a very nice new product from GYEON which still did not have an option for waterless or rinse-free washing. It is therefore a product to have for those who are in housing, for example, and do not have access to water. This product will allow you to wash safely without the need for running water.

Improved products (REDEFINED)


One of GYEON's flagship products, the Q²M IRON, was given its improved version. Already highly effective in removing any iron contamination, this product has undergone some notable changes.

Let's start with a completely improved smell. GYEON mentions that this product no longer has a bad odor (characteristic odor of ferrous decontaminants). This product even has a pleasant smell of banana candy.

Also the viscosity of the product has changed slightly in order to offer a higher viscosity, which offers better distribution of the product as well as better adhesion to different materials.

The REDEFINED version will also have a more immediate reaction to contact with contaminants.

Overall, the REDEFINED version is stronger, more reactive, without bad odor and in a more viscous formula.

Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner Redefined

The Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner also has a significantly improved odor (banana candy smell) and the same advantages of the REDEFINED version of Iron, therefore a stronger, more reactive, more viscous version. and without bad smell.

Q²M Clay Lube Redefined

The improved version of Q²M Clay Lube offers us an even higher concentration with a recommended dilution of 1:25 compared to 1:10 for the previous version. So a product that will be even more economical, but just as effective.

Q²M Leather Coat Redefined


Q² LeatherCoat Redefined is very easy to use; simply clean the leather properly beforehand to ensure good adhesion; then simply apply it to a soft microfiber cloth or applicator and wipe it off in an even layer. With a durability of up to 3 months, this hydrophobic sealant provides protection against liquids, sweat and dirt, as well as light "dye from jeans and clothing that can discolor and transfer stain" leather.

Q²M Tar Redefined

We are introducing a completely new formula, with a much lower level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making the product more environmentally friendly and safer to use. We removed color and increased contact time for safer and more effective action. Unlike most tar removers, Q²M Tar Redefined does not affect exterior surfaces and is body safe. It can be used on paint, glass and plastic trim, whether painted or unpainted. Being pH neutral, it can also be used to remove tar stains from bare polished lips.


Here is the improved version of the very popular Q²M COMPOUND+, a high cutting power polishing paste. The first version was already very popular with professionals, for its formula which allows the paint to be cut quickly and practically without dust.

What changes with the new REDEFINED formula?

The new formula offers even higher cutting power. Also GYEON would have literally eliminated any possibility of dust in this product. This new compound will also be more effective in all climates, including very hot days or on paints that are more difficult to work with, such as German car paints for example.

Gyeon will also offer a brand new format for this polishing product, a 250ml format. We know that the 120ml format was often insufficient to carry out a complete correction on a vehicle, and the 1L can be a lot for someone who only wants to polish a vehicle.

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