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3D Products - Bead it up (polymer sealant)

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Size: 473ML

3D BEAD IT UP is the ultimate spray paint and multi-surface protectant that actually does what similar products claim. There are hundreds of protective spray products available, all claiming to bead water while protecting the paint. Most will do this at first, but not only do they not last very long, they also leave the paint feeling sticky or rubbery. Many also turn the surface into a dust magnet, eliminating at least one of the reasons we all detail our cars.

3D BEAD IT UP is an expensive formula, not a cheap product for me too. It uses the best chemistry created in the 3D laboratory. Some ingredients in 3D BEAD IT UP are unique in the world. They use an exclusive chemistry invented by 3D.

So good that it can serve as a dedicated sealant on its own. Although we market it as a spray coating booster and topper for other waxes and sealants, the bond of this product to a surface is so strong, plus the hydrophobic surface it creates as well as the shine, shine and the most important – the softness – you can actually use it as a booster, as a mattress topper or as a standalone sealer. This just leaves other products in this category in their own dust.

What is this? - A quick and easy to use spray on synthetic surface sealant.

What does it do? - Seals and protects virtually any type of smooth surface with an exclusive formula that creates a high-gloss shine with an anti-water bead protection layer.

When do you use it? - Whenever you want to add shine, shine and softness while adding a layer of hydrophobic protection.

Why use 3D BEAD IT UP over other options? - 3D is the world's best direct manufacturer of car care products available on the market today. That's a pretty bold claim, but our product performance backs it up. And U.S. too. If you are not satisfied with this or any 3D product, return it for 110% of the purchase price. We put our money where our mouth is because before we ship a product, we make sure that the product inside the bottle is best in class for all categories of car care products. When you see the 3D on the outside of the label, you know what's inside the bottle will work as advertised.

Quick and easy to use – spray, wipe.
Creates a super hydrophobic surface that protects paint and makes water run like crazy!
Makes your car paint super smooth and slippery.
Cross-linking polymer technology creates a strong bond on any smooth surface.
Universal ceramic coating booster.
Topper for waxes and sealants.
Use on dry car or as a drying agent after washing.
Protects against water stains, bird droppings, insect splatters, air pollution, industrial chemical fallout, traffic film and pollen.
Use on paint, glass, chrome, polished aluminum, all types of trim, all types of wheels, exterior and interior plastic surfaces as well as gelcoat boats, campers, trailers and all types of planes.

Discover the ultimate protection for your vehicle with 3D Products Bead It Up, the ideal choice for a durable, shiny finish. This advanced hydrophobic protection formula creates a long-lasting barrier that repels water, dirt and contaminants, providing your paintwork with unparalleled defense against the elements.

3D Products Bead It Up not only protects, it also enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle by creating a captivating pearl effect on the surface. Each drop of water forms beads and glides on effortlessly, leaving behind a radiant, flawless finish.

Whether you're looking to protect your new paint or bring back the shine to your older vehicle, 3D Products Bead It Up is your trusted friend. Give your vehicle an advanced layer of hydrophobic protection while enhancing its natural beauty. Trust the quality of 3D Products for a finish that stands up to the challenges of time.

**FAQ - 3D Products Bead It Up**

**1. What is 3D Products Bead It Up?**
3D Products Bead It Up is an advanced hydrophobic protection product designed to create a tough barrier against water, dirt and contaminants on your vehicle's paint.

**2. How does 3D Products Bead It Up work?**
The Bead It Up creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the paint. This layer repels water and prevents contaminants from adhering, making cleaning easier and protecting the paint from environmental damage.

**3. How to apply 3D Products Bead It Up?**
Apply a small amount of Bead It Up to a clean, dry surface. Use a microfiber applicator to spread the product in a thin, even layer. Allow the product to dry for a few minutes, then wipe gently with a clean microfiber.

**4. How long does the hydrophobic effect of Bead It Up last?**
The duration of the hydrophobic effect may vary depending on environmental conditions and vehicle maintenance. In general, Bead It Up can last several weeks to a few months.

**5. Can I use Bead It Up on surfaces other than paint?**
Although designed for painting, Bead It Up can also be used on other exterior surfaces such as windows and rims, but it is advisable to test on a small area before widespread application.

**6. Does Bead It Up leave sticky residue?**
When applied and wiped off properly, Bead It Up generally does not leave a sticky residue on the surface.

**7. Does Bead It Up require regular application?**
To maintain hydrophobic protection, you may need to reapply Bead It Up after a period of time, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

**8. Can I apply Bead It Up in the sun or in cold weather?**
It is recommended to apply Bead It Up in the shade and at moderate temperatures for best results.

**9. Where can I purchase the 3D Products Bead It Up?**
You can purchase the Bead It Up directly on our website at

**10. Is Bead It Up safe for all paints?**
Bead It Up is generally safe for most automotive paints, but it is recommended to test on a small, hidden area before widespread use.

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