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3D Products - Bug Remover

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Size: 473ML(16oz)

One of the most serious and common problems we encounter while driving our vehicles are flying insects. This is an unavoidable problem and in some geographic areas you experience seasonal insect problems where millions of insects hatch and then fly around as part of their mating ritual.

Insect guts are acidic and when insects impact your car's paint, if not neutralized and removed in time, the acids are corrosive enough to eat away parts of your car's clear paint and when this happens, the only real repair is to repaint the affected panels. Clear Paint Protection Film or PPF, used on the front of cars to protect them from rock chips, is even more prone to damage from acids in insects and for this reason it is even more important to Remove dried insect splatters as soon as possible.

3D Bug Remover is a professional-grade product designed for professional sketchers, but safe enough that enthusiasts can use it too. You can use this product as a standalone product, which means you can use it even if you don't plan to wash the car. This makes it perfect for road trips because every time you stop for fuel, snacks or accommodation, you can use 3D Bug Remover with a few microfiber towels and remove all the dead bugs from the car. front of your car, windows, side mirrors, headlights, indicators and front bumper.

You can also use 3D Bug Remover as a pre-soak before washing your car. Simply spray 3D Bug Remover on any surface with dead insects and allow the product to work for 45 seconds or more. Then wash these areas using a clean washcloth and your favorite 3D car wash soap to remove dead insect carcasses and insect gut splatters.

3D Bug Remover is safe for all surfaces and will not remove pre-existing wax, sealant or paint coatings. Unlike some bug removers, 3D Bug Remover will not leave a film on the surface but will leave the paint clean and shiny.

Insect splatter damage can be very expensive to repair, for example, simply repainting the hood of an average passenger car can cost as little as $500.00 and can go even more depending on the make and model of the vehicle. A more cost-effective and proactive remedy is to keep a bottle of 3D Bug Remover with a collection of clean microfiber towels in a storage location in your vehicle and remove dead bugs and bug splatter as soon as possible whenever you remove the road.

At 3D, our team of chemists in our own research and development laboratory create ALL formulas for 3D products. We have the best team of chemists in the entire automotive care industry. In addition to creating our own proprietary formulas, we also own and operate our own manufacturing facility here in the United States in Santa Clarita, California.

Unlike many car detailing brands that must outsource the production of their products to an outside company, we manufacture all of our products in-house. You can be sure that you are getting the best ingredients, highest quality chemicals and 100% unique formulas without having to pay the extra cost that is inevitable when buying from a middleman.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

What is this? - Spray insect guts and insect splatter remover.

What does it do? - Penetrates, softens dried insects and insect guts so they can be safely wiped or washed.

When do you use it? - As soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to clear paint and clear bras. Insect intestines are acidic and will eat away or eat away at your car's clear paint. The sooner you can remove bugs from your car, the more likely your car will be to avoid costly and unsightly damage.

Why use 3D Bug Remover over other options? - When it comes to choosing a brand of insect remover, the most important aspect of your decision is to choose a brand that provides you with the highest quality and most professional ingredients inside of the bottle. Fancy graphics and buzzwords that overhype a product are usually an indicator that more research has gone into marketing or selling the product than into the formula in the bottle.

As the world's leading manufacturer of car care products, we focus on the performance of what's inside the bottle, not the marketing fluff on the outside of the bottle. Like any product with the 3D brand on the label, you can be confident that you are getting the best and highest performing professional grade products for all your car care needs, including our 3D Bug Remover to clean and protect the finish of your car. You have the word of our chief chemist and also the owner and founder of 3D Products – Tunch Gorin.

Professional grade formula penetrates and dissolves dried insects and insect guts.
Natural enzymes neutralize the acidic intestines of insects – stopping varnish corrosion.
Safe for paint, clear bras, glass, plastic, vinyl films, graphics and chrome.
Safer than scrubbing – less risk of scratching with gloves, brushes or sponges.
Use alone – spray, wipe – or as a pre-spray

Discover an effective solution to eliminate stubborn traces of insects on your vehicle with the 3D Products Bug Remover. Our advanced formula is specially designed to gently dissolve dried bug residue, dirt and grime, without compromising the integrity of your paint.

The 3D Products Bug Remover is versatile and safe to use on a variety of surfaces, such as paint, glass and plastics. It applies easily and acts quickly to give you remarkable results. No more intense scrubbing or harsh methods to remove those annoying stains.

Whether for small insect stains or larger accumulation, our Bug Remover will allow you to restore your vehicle to an impeccable appearance. Restore the clarity of your paint and the sharpness of your windows with ease and efficiency. Trust 3D Products for specialized cleaning and brilliant results.

FAQ - 3D Products Bug Remover Mosquito Cleaner

1. What is 3D Products Bug Remover? 3D Products Bug Remover is a cleaner specially formulated to remove traces of insects, mosquitoes and similar contaminants from the body of your vehicle.

2. How does the 3D Products Bug Remover work? The Bug Remover formula effectively dissolves insect residue, softens its adhesion and facilitates its safe removal without damaging the paint.

3. Can I use Bug Remover on surfaces other than the bodywork? Although primarily designed for bodywork, Bug Remover can also be used on other exterior surfaces, such as windows, headlights and mirrors.

4. How to use 3D Products Bug Remover? Spray the Bug Remover directly on the contaminated areas and leave to act for a few minutes. Then use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the residue.

5. Can Bug Remover damage my car's paint? No, when used as directed, 3D Products Bug Remover is designed to be paint safe and should not cause damage.

6. Does Bug Remover require dilution? Yes, up to 1 part of product up to 20 parts of water 1.10 to 1.20

7. Is Bug Remover environmentally safe? Yes, 3D Products Bug Remover is formulated to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

8. Should I use gloves or protection during application? Although the Bug Remover is generally safe to handle, it is recommended that you use rubber gloves to avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

9. Where can I buy 3D Products Bug Remover? You can purchase the Bug Remover directly on the Center Extranet website at

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent produit

Il est simplement génial. Ultra économique avec une dilution effective de 1:10- 1:15 (il faut quand même faire attention avec les dilutions plus fortes ça pourrait abîmer certaines garnitures) et il décolle sans problème et sans frottage 90% des insectes même ceux qui sont sur la carrosserie depuis longtemps. De mon expérience il ne fuck up pas non plus les coatings donc vraiment safe!

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