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3D Products GLW Series Iron Remover

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Size: 16oz(473ml)

The 3D GLW Series Iron Remover presents itself as a remarkable and hyper-effective solution, specially designed to act as a powerful wheel and paint decontaminant eliminator. With precision and safety at its core, this exceptional product effortlessly eradicates iron particles and corrosion from their very source. Armed with an industry-leading formula, GLW Series Iron Remover performs meticulous decontamination, quickly breaking down and removing stubborn brake dust, insidious traffic pollution and resilient road film, leading to a remarkably safe and hassle-free. out of process. Enjoy the power of this high-performance, acid-free iron remover that preserves the integrity of all types of wheels, including painted, chrome, polished and aluminum-clad surfaces, ensuring each maintains its pristine condition without any damage of surface. Unleash the ease of removing ferrous contaminants, revolutionizing your car's wheels, as this extraordinary product transcends the need for manual scrubbing, giving you a wheel cleaning experience like no other.

Experience the pinnacle of automotive care with GLW Series 3D Iron Remover – an elite decontaminant enriched with unmatched effectiveness and safety, guaranteed to improve the appearance and performance of your car. With its rapid and thorough decontamination process, GLW Series Iron Remover masterfully tackles the toughest iron particles and corrosion, giving your wheels and painted surfaces the ultimate treatment they deserve. Rest assured that this high-performance, acid-free iron remover extends its prowess to meet all types of wheels, from painted elegance to the shine of chrome to the polished luxury and grandeur of coated aluminum - preserving their impeccable appearance without compromising their surfaces. Embrace the future of iron contaminant removal, where manual scrubbing becomes a thing of the past, as the 3D GLW Series Iron Remover ushers in a new era of unparalleled convenience, leaving your car's wheels radiant with a renewed radiance.

The ultimate decontaminator
Fast-reacting formula
Safe for wheels and paint
Hyper effective decon
QUICK-RESPONSIVE FORMULA Protect your wheels and paintwork from harmful iron particles. The GLW Series Iron Remover formula quickly decontaminates and loosens brake dust, traffic pollution and road film, allowing for safe and easy rinsing.

pH BALANCED 3D acid-free high-performance iron remover cleans all types of wheels, including painted, chrome, polished and coated aluminum without damaging the surface.

BLEEDING PURPLE Iron Remover reacts with iron particles in seconds. When the spray "bleeds" purple, you will know that the product is breaking down iron, oxidation and fallout buildup. This cleaning spray targets stubborn dirt, while neutralizing the reactions that cause rust and paint degradation caused by brake dust and other airborne chemical compounds containing iron.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WHEEL CLEANER Easy to spray, rinse. Effectively remove iron oxide from your car wheels without manual scrubbing. To decontaminate the surface, prepare a spray with iron remover, leave for 30 seconds to a minute, then rinse with water to reveal a flawless hyper GLW.

GLW 3D SERIES Experience revolutionary technology and next-level GLW for your ride with our premium products. 3D embodies a transformative lifestyle that reflects what you and your vehicle represent. Welcome to the ultimate hyper GLW.

Q: What is 3D Products GLW Series Iron Remover?
3D Products GLW Series Iron Remover is a cleaning product specifically designed to remove iron particles, iron contamination and brake stains from your vehicle's metal surfaces and paint.

Q: How does this product work to remove iron particles?
GLW Series Iron Remover contains chemical agents that react with iron particles, causing them to dissolve. Ferrous contaminants turn into a substance that can be easily rinsed away, leaving the surface clean and smooth.*

Q: Where can I use the 3D Products GLW Series Iron Remover?
This product is primarily intended for use on your car body to remove iron contamination. It is safe for paint, alloy wheels, glass surfaces and other similar surfaces.*

Q: What are the benefits of using this Iron Remover?
In addition to effectively removing iron contamination, it helps preserve your vehicle's paint by reducing the risk of long-term corrosion. It also improves the overall appearance of the bodywork by removing brake stains and iron stains.

Q: How long should you leave Iron Remover on for?
Contact time varies, but in general it is recommended to leave the product on for a few minutes to allow for an effective reaction. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal results.*

Q: Is this product environmentally safe?
Most Iron Remover products are formulated to minimize their impact on the environment. They are often biodegradable and designed to be safe for outdoor use. However, be sure to dispose of waste in accordance with local regulations.

Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take appropriate safety precautions when using 3D Products GLW Series Iron Remover to achieve the best results while ensuring your safety.

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