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3D Products GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer

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Original price $22.94
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Size: 16oz(473ml)

3D Products GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer - The ultimate care for your vehicle's interior. This SiO2-based detailer creates a long-lasting protective barrier while leaving your cabin clean and sparkling. Give your car a professional interior with GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer.

Introducing the revolutionary 3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detail, a complete solution that will end your worries about spills and stains drying and sticking to your car's interior. This innovative product features ultra-SiO2 ceramic protection, providing unparalleled protection against spills and messes, keeping your interior surfaces spotless and stain-free for longer. The SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer goes beyond traditional cleaners with its hyper-deep cleaning formula, equipped with powerful cleaning enzymes that effectively target and remove dirt and dust from every nook and cranny of your interior. vehicle.

Versatility is a hallmark of the SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer, as it works wonders on a wide range of surfaces including plastics, vinyl, faux leather, door panels and much more. With its advanced cleaning capabilities and ultra-SiO2 ceramic protection, this home decor product not only leaves your surfaces spotless, but also gives them long-lasting protection to keep them looking their best. Added ultra-SiO2 ceramic protection ensures that spills and stains have minimal impact, making cleaning a breeze and keeping the look of your interior a simple task. Experience the power of the 3D GLW Series SiO2 ceramic interior detail and savor the shine of your car's pristine, well-protected interior, exuding a sense of luxury and elegance that will leave you and your passengers in awe .

Super impeccable cleanliness
Ultra ceramic interior protection
Multi-surface cleaner
Dust and debris repellent
HYPER DEEP CLEANING With the 3D SiO2 Interior Detailer, say goodbye to dirt, grime and grease on leather, vinyl, plastic, door panels, navigation screens and more! Powerful cleaning enzymes remove the toughest residue from your car's interior safely and effectively.

ULTRA CERAMIC PROTECTION The advanced formula contains silicon dioxide (SiO2) ceramic technology that creates a strong, durable protective layer on interior surfaces. This layer helps protect against scratches, stains, UV damage and general wear and tear, extending the life of your vehicle's interior.

ANTI-DUST AND DEBRIS Experience longer-lasting cleaning. The SiO2 interior detail not only adds clarity to surfaces, but the anti-static properties reduce the attraction of dust for easier cleaning in the future.

MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER GLW Series Interior Cleaner makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

GLW 3D SERIES Experience revolutionary technology and next-level GLW for your ride with our premium products. 3D embodies a transformative lifestyle that reflects what you and your vehicle represent. Welcome to the ultimate hyper GLW.

What is the 3D Products GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer?

3D Products GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer is an innovative automotive care product that contains silica (SiO2), a compound known for its protective and water-repellent properties. It is specially designed to clean, protect and beautify the interior surfaces of your vehicle, such as the dashboard, plastics, leather and vinyl.*

How to use 3D Products SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer?
Usage is simple. Spray the product directly on the surface to be treated, then wipe gently with a clean, soft cloth. Make sure to distribute the product evenly for an even finish. No rinsing is necessary.*

What benefits does this product offer?
The GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer from 3D Products effectively cleans interior surfaces, removing dirt and stains while providing a layer of water-repellent protection using silica (SiO2). This provides increased resistance to stains, water and UV rays, while providing a long-lasting shine.*

Is SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer suitable for all interior surfaces?
Yes, this product is safe to use on most interior surfaces including plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber and dashboard. However, we always recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.

How long does the protection offered by this retailer last?
Durability of protection depends on use and conditions. Typically, the water-repellent protection provided by 3D Products SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer lasts several weeks, but periodic reapplication is recommended to maintain performance.*

Does this product leave any residue or sticky marks?
No, this product is formulated to provide a finish without residue or sticky marks. After application, the surface must be clean, smooth and non-greasy.*

Can I use this product on exterior surfaces of my car?
No, this product is specifically designed for interior surfaces. For exterior surfaces, you should use a product specific to this use.*

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results with the 3D Products GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Interior Detailer.

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