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3D Products GLW Series Ultimate Wash

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Original price $19.50
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Size: 16oz(473ml)

Unveiling the 3D GLW Ultimate Wash Series, a revolutionary product that delivers exceptional ultra-foaming wash to elevate your car cleaning experience to new heights. This premium washing solution is designed to effortlessly remove all dirt and contaminants, ensuring a flawless, scratch-free finish. With its advanced blend of powerful cleaners and polymers, Ultimate Wash creates an ultra-thick foam that actively targets and encapsulates contaminants, making them easy to safely rinse away. Gone are the days of laborious scrubbing, as this remarkable formula does the hard work for you, leaving your vehicle shining with a pristine, scratch-free shine.

The shine of the GLW Ultimate Wash Series extends beyond its superior foaming capabilities. Its unique chemical formulations provide an added benefit, allowing you to wash your vehicle even in direct sunlight. No more worrying about water drying too quickly and leaving unsightly water spots; This wash solution effectively suspends harmful minerals in the water, preventing them from settling on the surface and preserving the integrity of your car's finish. The result is a pleasant, hassle-free washing process that delivers exceptional results. By harnessing the power of the GLW Series Ultimate Wash, you can achieve a spectacular ultra-sudsy, hyper-bright result, transforming your vehicle into a beacon of radiant glow.

The ultimate foam
Hyper effective formula
Long residence time
Very high lubrication for scratch-free results
HYPER EFFECTIVE FORMULA Our GLW Series Ultimate Wash Shampoo is specially designed to produce a rich, ultra lather that adheres to your car's surface, providing maximum coverage and cleaning power.

ULTRA-SUDS Scratch-Free Cleaner uses an ultra-foaming formula to penetrate, dissolve and slide away stubborn dirt, road grime, bird droppings, tree sap and more that can build up on the exterior of your vehicle.

STREAK-FREE RINSING The chemical formulations of 3D Ultimate Wash allow you to clean your vehicle in direct sunlight while suspending harmful minerals in the water.

NEUTRAL PH SHAMPOO Ensures gentle washing of your car paint without damaging the clear coat. Additionally, it lubricates all painted surfaces, allowing you to easily wash your car without scratching it.

GLW 3D SERIES Experience revolutionary technology and next-level GLW for your ride with our premium products. 3D embodies a transformative lifestyle that reflects what you and your vehicle represent. Welcome to the ultimate hyper GLW.


Q: What is 3D Ultimate Wash and what is its main purpose?

A: 3D Ultimate Wash is a multipurpose automotive cleaner formulated to effectively remove dirt, grime and contaminants from car surfaces. Its main objective is to provide deep cleaning while preserving the finish of the bodywork.

Q: How do I use 3D Ultimate Wash on my car?

A: Dilute the product according to package directions. Apply it to the car using a sponge or wash mitt. Rub gently to remove dirt, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Q: Is 3D Ultimate Wash safe for all car surfaces?

A: Yes, Ultimate Wash is formulated to be safe on all car surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic and chrome.

Q: Can Ultimate Wash be used on vehicles with protective coatings?

A: Yes, Ultimate Wash is compatible with vehicles with protective coatings. It is designed to clean without compromising existing protection.

Q: Does it leave a shiny finish after washing?

A: Yes, Ultimate Wash is formulated to leave a glossy finish on the bodywork, giving your car a clean, shiny appearance.

Q: Does Ultimate Wash contain harsh chemicals?

A: No, Ultimate Wash is formulated with gentle, eco-friendly ingredients, minimizing impact on paint and the environment.

Q: Can I use Ultimate Wash on other surfaces, like rims or bumpers?

A: Yes, Ultimate Wash is safe to use on rims, bumpers and other exterior vehicle surfaces.

Q: Is Ultimate Wash suitable for frequent use?

A: Yes, Ultimate Wash is designed for frequent use without compromising the integrity of paint or other surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

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Très surprenant

Je ne m’attendais pas à grand chose parce que c’est difficile d’être impressionné de ces jours par un shampoo milieu de gamme mais celui ci m’a agréablement surpris. L’odeur d’agrumes est très agréable, il produit une bonne mousse mais quand même facile à rincer mais le point qui m’a impressioné est la lubricité qui est selon moi beaucoup mieux que la plupart des shampoo économiques/ milieu de gamme, rivalisant la plupart des shampoo haut de gamme et je dirais même proche de gsf qui est selon moi le roi! Considérant le prix je vais définitivement utiliser ce shampoo régulièrement

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