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3D Products - Metal Polish

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Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner
Restores and protects metal, aluminum, chrome and more
Easy to apply and safe on the surface
Ideal for polishing wheels, exhaust tips and more

Oxidation is the most common problem we all experience with any metal surface, including aluminum wheels or diamond rings. It is the nature of exposed metal surfaces to oxidize and tarnish when exposed to air.

3D Metal Polish is unique in the metal polish category because unlike the majority of other metal polish products on the market, our polish does not use harsh chemical cleaners or solvents, and does not rely no longer rely on old-fashioned abrasive technology to eliminate oxidation.

The chemists at 3D Products started with the goal of removing oxidation and restoring a brilliant mirror shine without dulling or scratching the surface in the process. They have developed a proprietary blend of chemical cleaners and abrasive technology capable of removing oxidation without at the same time leaving its own scratches on the surface. The result is a metal polish that can remove years of oxidation and tarnish while creating a better-than-new mirror shine.

With many metal polishes you will smell the distinct foul odor of ammonia, this is the old chemical attack method of oxidation. Most metal polishes also use archaic abrasive technology which is cheap. Does this approach work? Yes and no. Sure, these types of products will remove oxidation and make the metal shine, but it is simply an outdated process that will never produce the same or better results than 3D metal polishing.

Because here at 3D we ARE the manufacturer, there is no middleman like you find with companies that outsource their products to a blending company, so you get the best ingredients available in all of our products at a competitive price.

Why work harder with old-fashioned technology when you can work smarter with cutting-edge technology. The next time you have a metal polishing project, start by contacting 3D's customer service team, as they have years of experience polishing all types of metals. Get help first, then get 3D Metal Polish and the polishing tools, pads and applicators you need to get the job done right. With our help, you'll get the job done right the first time with professional-quality results. We guarantee it.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

What is this? - Liquid polishing for metals.

What does it do? - Removes oxidation, stains, surface impurities and contamination to restore shine and clarity to all metal surfaces.

When do you use it? - Whenever you want to restore a bright, clear shine to any metal surface.

Why use 3D Metal Polish over other options? - 3D metallic polish is different from all other metallic polishes on the market. Most metal polishes use old chemicals based on harsh solvents and chemical cleaners. They also rely on old-fashioned abrasive technology to remove oxidation. 3D Metal Polish uses our own proprietary chemistry developed in our laboratories to create a metal polish that cleans and removes oxidation without the use of harsh solvents, chemicals or outdated abrasive technology.

In the retail world, the quality of ALL products comes down to what's inside the bottle or can. It's the chemists who make the real difference, not the marketing department. At 3D, our top priority is to have the best chemistry in the product. We know if the product is best in class, so word of mouth will do the marketing.

Our 3D metal polish product is the best in the metal polish product category, saturated with old school technology. Put us to the test and you'll see that our metal polish is actually the best. If you have any questions about a metal polishing project, contact our customer service team before you begin and allow us to answer any questions you may have. There is an art to polishing metal to a mirror finish and we will help you master the art of metal polishing.

Works on all metals - aluminum, gold, brass, silver, copper, magnesium, diamond plate and all types of uncoated metal wheels.
Powerful proprietary formula quickly removes years of oxidation.
Use as an ultra-fine polish for sensitive metal surfaces like jewelry.
Apply by hand or machine, including orbital and rotary polishers.
The hybrid formula gives you control over cutting and polishing.
Does not contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals or solvents.
Green, eco-friendly technology, Prop 65 and VOC compliant.

FAQ - 3D Products Metal Polish

Q. What is 3D Products Metal Polish?**
A: 3D Products Metal Polish is a polishing product specifically designed to clean, polish and protect a variety of metal surfaces, including aluminum, chrome and stainless steel.

Q. How does 3D Products Metal Polish work?**
A: This product uses a special formula that removes dirt, light corrosion and stains from metal surfaces. It also leaves a protective layer to prevent future corrosion formation.

Q. What metal surfaces can I use 3D Products Metal Polish on?**
A: 3D Products Metal Polish is suitable for a wide range of metals, including aluminum rims, stainless steel bumpers, chrome grilles, exhausts and many others.

Q. How do I use 3D Products Metal Polish?**
A: Apply a small amount of the product to a clean, dry surface using a microfiber cloth. Use circular motions to buff the surface, then wipe away excess product with a clean cloth.

Q. Does Metal Polish leave sticky residue on surfaces?**
A: No, when you use it correctly and wipe off excess product, Metal Polish generally does not leave a sticky residue.

Q. Is 3D Products Metal Polish suitable for chrome surfaces?**
A: Yes, this product is specially suited to chrome surfaces and can help restore their shine and protect against corrosion.

A:Q. Is Metal Polish suitable for use on motorcycles?**
Yes, 3D Products Metal Polish is suitable for polishing and protecting metal parts of motorcycles, including exhausts and rims.

Q. How often should I use Metal Polish on my metal surfaces?**
A: Frequency will depend on the condition of the metal surfaces and exposure to the elements. In general, periodic use for cleaning and protection is recommended.

Q. Is Metal Polish suitable for stainless steel surfaces?**
A: Yes, 3D Products Metal Polish is effective on stainless steel surfaces to remove stains and restore shine.

Q. Where can I purchase 3D Products Metal Polish?**
A: You can purchase Metal Polish from 3D Products on our website at Center Extranet

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