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3D Products - ONE (one step polish)

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Hybrid rubbing compound and topcoat in ONE bottle
One-step scratch and swirl remover delivers true paint correction
Removes many moderate to large surface imperfections on all paint colors
For best results, apply with a dual action or random orbital polisher.

A hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish

Paint correction is one of the least desirable steps when it comes to completing a complete exterior detail job. The reason is that most compounds and varnishes are difficult to work with. This includes how the feel when polishing they dry out and start to create dust, if you work them too long they become sticky like glue then wiped off is both frustrating, difficult, time consuming and is tiring. Plus, you need more towels to do the job safely.

3D ONE is unlike any other compound or polish you've ever used, and you'll discover it from the first use. 3D ONE cuts like compound and finishes like finely cut polish. Other companies have tried to create a product like 3D ONE in the past, but no one comes close to 3D ONE. To change the cut, simply change the pad or tool. That's right, change tools. For super aggressive cutting, use 3D ONE with a rotary polisher and a traditional 4-ply twisted wool cutting pad. For less cutting, use any orbital polisher with a fiber pad or foam cutting pad. For show car polishing and refinishing jobs, upgrade to your favorite orbital polisher and a soft foam polish with an even softer foam finishing pad.

Unlike any other compound or polish you've ever used, experiencing the permanent polish cycle is incredible. This product will simply NOT dry on you. As long as you are polishing, the product will stay wet on the surface and continue to cut or polish. Everyone I've ever met hates it when a product gets dusty while polishing or it's time to wipe off the residue. This never happens. Never.

Wiping is soft and fluid. The product lubricates the surface as you wipe it, so not only is wiping easy, but there is virtually no risk of damage caused by wiping. Never before seen in terms of compounds and varnishes.

While it's always good practice to wipe off all paint care products while working, one time I was prepping a Corvette and an emergency occurred. I had to leave the store. I was afraid to come the next day. I really expected the 3D ONE residue covering the entire car to fade away like concrete. To my great and joyful surprise, it wiped off as easily as if I had just finished polishing. In fact, it could have been erased more easily! The fact is that this product rubs off easily and that's simply not the case with most products on the market today. And when a product is difficult to wipe off, not only does it increase the risk of leaving wipe scratches on the paint (you've just invested hours polishing to perfection), but it will also tire you out and remove everything the pleasure of your work.

Get yourself a bottle – see for yourself that what you read above is true and accurate. 3D ONE will become your new favorite compound/polish.

What is this? - 2 in 1 combined product – it is a compound/polish. Cuts like compound and finishes like polish.

Utilizes 3D's proprietary alpha ceramic alumina abrasive technology. Alumina oxide is a conductor of heat. Ceramic is a thermal insulator. By combining to create a hybrid, ceramic combats the heat problem created by alumina oxide to reduce and help eliminate heat problems such as burns from excessive surface temperatures.

No Filling Formula – The results you see are true and accurate – no filling, masking or masking.

What does it do? - Removes sub-surface paint defects such as swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation. Can be used with aggressive pads and power tools to remove deep and/or serious paint defects or can be used with soft foam pads and free-spinning orbital polishers to achieve show car results.

When do you use it? - Whenever you want to eliminate below-surface defects that are in your car's paint, then create a high-gloss finish perfect for sealing with a wax, synthetic paint sealant or ceramic paint coating.

Why use 3D ONE over other options? - Truly incredible abrasive technology. Before we tell you about the product itself, you should first know that there is something that is a BIG DEAL about 3D that separates 3D from all other car care companies: 3D creates its own abrasive technology from scratch!

Unlike most other companies that cross their fingers and hope to buy the best abrasive technology, or even good abrasive technology, 3D makes it themselves. And they can do it because they have excellent chemists. What's Inside the Bottle starts with a great team of chemists and an owner who believes in them. Additionally, the owner is also the chief chemist. This is why you should at least try 3D ONE. It's your money, but it's also your time, and no one wants to renovate a car only to find out the results aren't good and now you have to do it a second time. This will not happen with 3D products or with the 3D customer service team. We are here to help you from start to finish.

**FAQ - 3D Products 3D ONE**

Q. What is 3D Products 3D ONE?**
A: 3D Products 3D ONE is a professional-grade, all-in-one polish designed to remove light to moderate paint defects and restore shine to automotive bodywork.

Q. What types of paint defects can be corrected with 3D ONE?**
A: The 3D ONE is effective at removing swirls, light scratches, water spots, rub marks and other common paint imperfections.

Q. How to use the 3D Products 3D ONE?**
A: Apply a small amount of product to a suitable polishing pad and work the surface of the car using circular motions at moderate speed. Then wipe away the residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Q. Do I need to use a polisher to apply 3D ONE?**
A: Although the 3D ONE can be used by hand, for best results an orbital or rotary polisher is recommended, as it allows for even product distribution and a more efficient polishing action.

Q. Is 3D ONE suitable for all automotive paints?**
A: The 3D ONE is compatible with a variety of automotive paints, including light and dark paints. However, it is recommended to do a test on a small area before full application.

Q. Does 3D ONE leave residue or holograms on the paint?**
A: No, when used correctly, 3D ONE generally does not leave unwanted residue or holograms on paint. Be sure to wipe thoroughly after polishing.

Q. Does 3D ONE require additional protection after polishing?**
A: After using 3D ONE, it is recommended to apply a coat of wax or sealer to protect the newly polished paint and to prolong the durability of the finish.

Q. Where can I purchase the 3D Products 3D ONE?**
A: The 3D Products 3D ONE is available on the 3D Products website as well as through authorized resellers. Be sure to check availability in your area.

Q. Is the 3D ONE safe for the environment?**
A: 3D ONE is formulated with high environmental standards and is designed to be safe for the user and the environment when used according to instructions.

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