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3D Products - Pink Soap (pH balanced washing soap)

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Size: 473ML

The original pink car soap!
Premium pH Balanced Car Wash Soap
Easy-rinse formula cleans without scratching or damaging the surface
High lather provides deep cleaning and superior shine

Meet 3D Products Pink Soap, a versatile automotive cleaner that takes washing your vehicle to a whole new level. Our professional formula is designed to effectively remove dirt, dust, grime and contaminants, leaving your car sparkling clean with every use.

This all-in-one cleaner is ideal for a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, rubber and plastics. Its powerful cleaning action removes road residue, sticky bugs and grime, leaving a clean, flawless finish.

3D Products Pink Soap is also gentle on paint, won't damage finishes, and leaves no sticky residue. Its pleasant scent adds a touch of freshness to every wash.

Make maintaining your vehicle easier with 3D Products Pink Soap. Rediscover the joy of driving a clean, shiny car with this premium professional cleaner.

3D Pink Car Soap makes washing your car fun with its pleasant cherry scent. 3D Pink Car Soap provides excellent cleaning ability for the dirtiest, most neglected cars, but because it is pH balanced, it is also perfectly safe for those of us who like to drive clean and wash their cars often. cars.

Washing your car is the most common car maintenance task we all perform. Most of us no longer do any mechanical work on our cars, including changing the oil. These things are mostly done at the dealership. Most people also get their car waxed and detailed at the dealership or detail shop. So what can we do? Wash the car.

3D Pink Car Soap makes it easy to achieve professional quality, clean results with their highly effective yet fun to use car wash soap. Washing your car often helps the paint last longer because you remove contaminants that lead to corrosion and oxidation. This is also an opportunity to inspect your car for any unknown damage or items such as body moldings, fenders, or other exterior components so that these items can be addressed before more serious damage occurs. do not occur.

Plus, the satisfaction that comes from being seen driving in a clean, shiny car knowing you did it yourself is always rewarding. A clean car creates a professional image. So wash your car often, but do it right and do it safely with 3D Pink Car Soap.

What is this? - Multi-function biodegradable car wash liquid soap, hyper concentrated, pH balanced, with a pleasant cherry scent. Can be used with the traditional hose and bucket technique or with a foam gun/foam cannon.

What does it do? -Safely cleans your car by removing dirt, debris and traffic film without chemically stripping previously applied car waxes, synthetic paint sealants or ceramic coatings. 3D Pink Car Soap is a free-rinse, residue-free car wash soap, this means when you rinse your car the product rinses out 100% without leaving any residue like shine and shine. You get nothing but a purely clean car, the results you see are free of any car wash soap related ingredients.

When do you use it? - Whenever your car is dirty and you want to restore it to a clean, dazzling shine without leaving a soap film on the surface.

Why use 3D Pink Car Soap over other options? - 3D Pink Car Soap is made by motorists for motorists. We love cars and think like you when it comes to creating formulas that perform while being safe for you, your car and the environment. We also know that of all car-related maintenance tasks, it's car washing that most people do most often - so 3D Pink Car Soap offers the five most important benefits you search for any car wash soap.

1: Safe but effective cleaning. Not all car wash soaps are the same. 3D Pink Car Soap uses a proprietary blend of cleaners and degreasers that excel at breaking down both water-soluble dirt and non-water-soluble elements like oily traffic films. And our cleaning chemical does it without chemically stripping pre-existing wax, sealant or paint coatings.

2: Excellent foaming and foaming. Foam and/or foam from a foam gun or foam cannon not only looks cool, but those billions of little bubbles in rich foam hyper-lubricate the surface so you can clean your car safely. The foam removes dirt particles from scratch-susceptible painted surfaces, reducing the risk of scratches. The foam also cushions the friction between your car's paint and your wash mitt, lubricating the paint surface during washing.

3: Free rinse without any residue on the car. Too many car washes simply don't rinse and leave soap residue on your car. You will often see this on glass and it is because you can look through the glass, the film left behind is more visible. BUT – if a car wash soap leaves a visible soap mark on the glass (something you can easily see), then it also leaves that soap mark all over the rest of the car, but it's much more difficult to see.

4: Gentle on your skin. It's quite difficult to wash a car without getting the car wash soap solution on your hands and other exposed body parts like your feet, since many people wash their cars while wearing flip flops. At 3D, we take the human element into account when formulating our car wash soaps. No caustic or harsh ingredients are used in our pink car soap, so your skin won't feel dry or irritated whether you wash just one car or hundreds of cars for a living.

5: The 3D pink car soap is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This means that it will completely decompose once captured and treated by your city's water treatment plant, ensuring a sustainable quality of life for everyone on planet Earth.

Hyper-Focused – Money-Saving Value.
Wash bucket – Foam gun – Foam cannon.
Long-lasting, high-foaming formula.
pH balanced – will not remove pre-existing wax.
Proprietary chemistry dissolves dirt and traffic film.
Free Rinse – Zero Residue

FAQ - 3D Products Pink Soap**

Q. What is 3D Products Pink Soap?**
A:3D Products Pink Soap is a multipurpose automotive cleaner formulated to remove dirt, grime from your vehicle

Q. Is Pink Soap safe for my car paint?**
A: Yes, 3D Products Pink Soap is designed to be gentle on your vehicle's paint. It is safe for regular use on automotive paint .

Q. Can I use Pink Soap on surfaces other than the body of my car?**

A: Yes, Pink Soap is versatile and can be used on a variety of automotive surfaces, including rims, windows, plastics, and more.

Q. How do I dilute Pink Soap for washing my car?**
A: Pink Soap is usually sold in concentrated form. You will need to dilute it with water according to the product instructions. Read dilution recommendations carefully for best results.

Q. Does Pink Soap contain paint protectants?**
A: Pink Soap is primarily formulated for cleaning.

Q. Can I use Pink Soap in a bucket with a microfiber wash mitt?**
A: Yes, Pink Soap is ideal for use in a bucket with a microfiber wash mitt for effective cleaning.

Q. Do you need to rinse thoroughly after using Pink Soap?**
A: Yes, after cleaning with Pink Soap it is important to rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue

**9. Where can I buy 3D Products Pink Soap?**

You can purchase Pink Soap from 3D Products on our Center Extranet website at

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