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3D Products - Spray Detailer (finishing wax)

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Size: 473ML

Silicone-free detailing spray
Body shop safe formula
No airborne contaminants around freshly painted vehicles
Excellent lubricating spray

3D Spray Detailer is the professional version of our 3D Final Touch in our consumer range of high quality car detailing products. 3D is not only a provider of high quality products for automotive enthusiasts, we also manufacture a complete professional line of products formulated for use in fresh paint environments like collision repair shops, automotive shops, paint and bodywork, automobile manufacturers and custom bodywork and paint shops.

These types of industries spray wet paint, and as such, all products introduced and used in these types of wet paint environments must be formulated specifically for their needs. 3D Spray Detailer is formulated without using silicone or any other ingredients that could contaminate a fresh paint environment, but it works just as well as our 3D Final Touch.

If you work in an auto body shop and are looking for a detailing spray that will remove sanding dust, compound and polish splatters while making a car look just right, then this detailing spray is for you .

If you're a purist when it comes to detailing your own cars, then you'll love the purer, dedicated approach that 3D chemists have used to create a spray detailing product so safe it can be used in wet paint environments.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

What is this? - Silicone-free spray detailer.

What does it do? - Body shop safe formula adds shine, softness and shine while removing light dust, fingerprints and stains without contaminating a fresh paint environment.

When do you use it? - Whenever you want to restore that detailed look to your car. Spray detailing product perfect for use in all wet paint shop environments where contamination is an issue. Works great for removing dust from sanding as well as compound and polish splatters.

Why use 3D Spray Detailer over other options? - There are many options on the market when it comes to spray and wipe detailing products. What sets 3D Spray Detailer apart from others is the clear and simple ingredients. 3D chemists are some of the best in the world of automotive detail chemistry. And at 3D, we never cut corners, we use only the best chemicals, additives and raw materials to create unique, high-performance products in every category of our industry.

3D Spray Detailer is basically a spray-and-wipe product for removing light dust, fingerprints, and smudges, but this formula goes much further than most products in this category.

In addition to providing high lubricity when wiping off our cured paint, it is also formulated without the use of silicones or any other ingredients that can cause paint adhesion or fish eye issues, so it There is therefore no risk of contaminating a workshop. The high lubricity formula makes paint smooth when wiping to reduce accidental paint scratches and also dries quickly with streak-free results.

While it is accurate to say that it is formulated for use in fresh paint environments, many car enthusiasts also love this formula because it works so well and smells so good, like bubble gum!

Silicone Free – Body shop safe formula.
Will not contaminate the environment with fresh paint.
Quick and easy, spray and wipe formula.
Removes light dust, fingerprints and smudges.
Safe cleaning after sanding, blending or polishing.
Great for use with detail clay, clay towels, mitts and pads.
Use as a stamp conditioner for foam and wool cutting stamps.
Perfect for any smooth surface, paint, glass, chrome, plastic.
Green technology, environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
Prop 65 and VOC compliant.

**FAQ - 3D Products Spray Detailer**

**1. What is 3D Products Spray Detailer?**
3D Products Spray Detailer is a quick detailer designed to clean, revive and protect the surface of your vehicle, while removing dust and fingerprints.

**2. How to use 3D Products Spray Detailer?**
Usage is simple. Spray the product onto the surface to be treated and gently wipe with a clean, soft microfiber cloth to achieve a clean, shiny finish.

**3. Is Spray Detailer safe for all surfaces on my vehicle?**
Yes, in general, 3D Products Spray Detailer is safe for a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, chrome and rubber. It is best to do a test on a small area before widespread application.

**4. Does the Detailer Spray also protect the car paint?**
Yes, in addition to cleaning, 3D Products Spray Detailer provides light protection against the elements and contaminants, helping to preserve paint shine.

**6. Does Spray Detailer leave sticky residue?**
No, when used correctly and wiped with a clean cloth, Spray Detailer generally does not leave a sticky residue on the surface.

**7. Can I use the Spray Detailer in direct sunlight?**
It is recommended to apply the Spray Detailer in the shade or on a cool surface to prevent the product from drying too quickly.

**8. Where can I buy 3D Products Spray Detailer?**
You can buy the Spray Detailer directly on the Center Extranet website

**9. Is Spray Detailer safe for the environment?**
Most 3D Products products are formulated to be environmentally friendly, but it is always advisable to follow the product instructions for responsible use.

**10. Can Spray Detailer be used on a recently waxed vehicle?**
Yes, Spray Detailer is generally safe to use on a recently waxed vehicle to improve the shine and extend the durability of the wax.

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