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3D Products - Tire Shine

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Size: 473ml

Non-greasy tire shine
High shine and long-lasting durability
Easy spray and wipe formula cleans surface with minimal effort
Safe formula can be applied to many different rubber or vinyl surfaces

Unlike most tire shines, also called tire shines on the market, this tire shine was formulated to be fun and easy to use, non-greasy and messy to use. The chemists at 3D are like you, in that they don't want a greasy, sticky mess on their tire sidewalls, they just want them to look fantastic with a deep, dark black sheen.

3D Tire Shine is a thick, rich water-based gel, it provides a very clean application, with no drips or streaks to deal with after the fact. Simply wipe and massage the tire sidewall, then let dry. For even more shine, wait a few minutes and apply a second thin, light application and allow this second application to dry before driving. Your tires will look great without becoming an oily, greasy dirt magnet that will be difficult to clean the next time you wash your car.

What is this? - Water-based tire and trim coating.

What does it do? - Restores a high gloss shine to rubber and vinyl surfaces.

When do you use it? - After having previously cleaned the surface to be treated.

Why use 3D Tire Shine over other options? - This multi-use tire shine is water-based and non-greasy, making it pleasant to use. It works like any silicone, solvent or oil-based dressing, without the greasy and oily mess. You can control the level of shine and shine depending on the amount of product you apply. For a high gloss, high shine finish, apply a second coat. For a low-sheen matte finish, apply a single application, then wipe the tire sidewall to remove any excess and reduce shine.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

Long-lasting water-based tire coating.
Provides excellent UV protection from the sun.
Creates a high gloss, high shine finish.
Can also be used to dress wheel arches.
Non-greasy, non-greasy – won't turn tires into dust magnets.
The easy application of the gel means no overspray on wheels or body panels.
Apply using a tire, foam or microfiber applicator or brush.
3D Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and VOC compliant.
IMPORTANT: always work on a clean, cool surface, in the shade. First clean the tires thoroughly. The key to excellent results for any tire coating or tire shine starts with clean tire sidewalls.

Step 1: Apply a sufficient amount of 3D Tire Shine directly to the sidewall of the tire, then using a tire brush (quality brush), spread the product evenly over the sidewall of the tire. You can also use a foam cloth or a foam or microfiber applicator pad.

Step 2: Lightly wipe the tire sidewall to remove any excess 3D tire shine if necessary. Allow 3D Tire Shine to dry completely before driving.

Repeat this process on the sidewalls of the tire.

**FAQ - 3D Products Tire Shine**

Q. What is 3D Products Tire Shine?**
3D Products Tire Shine is a highlighting product specially designed to give your tires a shiny, fresh look, improving the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.

Q. How do I use 3D Products Tire Shine?**
Simply apply the product to clean, dry tires using a sponge or foam applicator. Spread evenly and let dry to achieve a glossy finish.

Q. Does 3D Products Tire Shine last long?**
The duration of the shine will depend on various factors, including weather conditions and type of driving. In general, 3D Products Tire Shine provides a long-lasting shine that withstands multiple washes.

Q. Is Tire Shine safe for rubber tires?**
Yes, 3D Products Tire Shine is formulated to be safe and gentle on rubber tires, without causing damage or cracking.

Q. Does 3D Products Tire Shine contain harmful chemicals?**
No, in general, 3D Products Tire Shine is designed to be safe and environmentally friendly, without harmful chemicals.

Q. Does Tire Shine leave sticky residue on tires?**
When used correctly and wiped carefully, Tire Shine generally does not leave a sticky residue.

Q. Can I use it on off-road vehicle or ATV tires?**
Yes, 3D Products Tire Shine is suitable for a variety of tires, including those of off-road vehicles or ATVs, to make them shiny and attractive.

Q. Is Tire Shine suitable for extreme weather conditions?**
Yes, 3D Products Tire Shine provides protection and shine even in extreme weather conditions, but it is recommended to reapply after heavy cleaning or severe weather conditions.

Q. Where can I purchase the 3D Products Tire Shine?**
The 3D Products Tire Shine is available on the Center Extranet website at or in store

Q. Can Tire Shine be used on surfaces other than tires?**
Although it is primarily designed for tires, some users apply Tire Shine to black plastic surfaces to give them a glossy appearance. However, it is recommended to test a small area before widespread application.

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