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3D Products - Yellow Degreaser - Rim and tire cleaner

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Size: 16OZ(473ML)

Premium wheel and tire cleaner for wheel arches, spokes and tires
Safely removes iron particles, brake dust and dirt from wheels and tires.
Ideal for all sizes and types of wheels and tires.

3D Yellow Degreaser is a powerful but also very safe cleaner and degreaser for all wheels, tires and the wheel arch area. Non-toxic and acid-free, this degreaser is safe to use to clean any surface around wheels. Dissolves and breaks the bond between oily brake dust and your car's rims. Excels at the toughest cleaning jobs, including removing old, previously applied silicone tire grease dressings.

What is this? - Powerful degreaser for cleaning and degreasing.

What does it do? - Safely cleans just about any surface and/or area of ​​your car.

When do you use it? - Whenever you have really dirty, greasy and/or grimy areas to clean.

Why use 3D Yellow Degreaser over other options? - There are many degreasers on the market, but many of them use ingredients that, while they clean well, are not safe for the environment or even humans. 3D's research and development team formulates all 3D products to be best in class while ensuring they are safe for the environment and for our customers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Powerful non-acid cleaner/degreaser
Cleans wheels, tires and wheel arches
Excels in cleaning rubber sidewalls
Previously applied tire coating removed
Cleans and brightens white walls and lettering
Safe for all wheel types including: Chrome, Coated Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Paint Included, Plastic Wheel Covers, Stainless Steel Wheel Covers, Wire Wheels


Q1: What is 3D Yellow Degreaser and what is it used for?

Answer: 3D Yellow Degreaser is a powerful cleaner designed specifically to remove stubborn dirt, grease and contaminants from vehicle rims and tires. It is particularly effective for deep cleaning.

Q2: How to use the 3D Yellow Degreaser effectively?

Answer: Generously spray 3D Yellow Degreaser on the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave it on for a few minutes, rub if necessary, then rinse with plenty of water.

Q3: Can 3D Yellow Degreaser be used on all rims and all tire types?

Answer: Yes, 3D Yellow Degreaser is generally safe for use on a variety of wheel surfaces including alloy, chrome and painted wheels. It can also be used on most types of tires, but it is recommended to test in a small area first to ensure compatibility.

Q4: Can 3D Yellow Degreaser be diluted?

Answer: The possibility of dilution may vary depending on the specific product. Check package directions for proper dilution recommendations.

Q5: What are the advantages of 3D Yellow Degreaser compared to other rim and tire cleaners?

Answer: 3D Yellow Degreaser is often praised for its powerful formula that effectively removes stubborn contaminants. It is also designed to be safe on a variety of surfaces.

Q6: Does 3D Yellow Degreaser leave residue or marks on rims and tires after cleaning?

Answer: No, 3D Yellow Degreaser is formulated to minimize residue and streaks after cleaning, leaving rims and tires clean and shiny.

Q7: Can I use 3D Yellow Degreaser on other parts of my vehicle?

Answer: 3D Yellow Degreaser is primarily designed for rims and tires, but it can also be used on other tough surfaces like wheel arches. However, avoid sensitive surfaces.

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