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APS Pro FP75 Low Vibration 75mm 3" Velcro Backing Plate for FLEX PXE80

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APS Pro FP75 is a high-quality, professional Ø75 mm Velcro pad suitable for the Flex PXE80 mini cordless polisher and is suitable as a complete replacement backing for Flex's plastic pad. The APS Pro FP75 Stand is a unique combination of sleek black PU over an aluminum core and has a practical conical shape.

The APS Pro FP75 Velcro Plate benefits from the advantage of precision manufacturing and the blend of selected materials. Unlike the original plastic flex plate, the APS Pro FP75 works perfectly and is less sensitive to thermal effects.

The 4 to 6 mm thick sheath of the APS Pro FP75 support plate is made of flexible polyurethane and, thanks to its flexible nature, allows the best possible compensation of inclined positions as well as maximum pressure distribution during use hard polishing discs or sanding. tampons. The conical shape of the support plate allows an optimal top view and perfect guidance control in critical border areas.

At the same time, the APS Pro FP75 eliminates one of the biggest problems of the original 75mm carrier plate: its excessive base weight. Because 75mm polishing sponges have a much higher weight than, for example, a 30mm or 50mm pad due to the greater amount of material. The APS Pro FP75 Velcro plate compensates for the high weight of the 75 mm pad with its optimal weight and reduces vibrations to a minimum during polishing. This corresponds to an effective reduction in vibrations of up to 33% compared to Flex's Ø75 mm support plate.

For best polishing results, we recommend the unique and carefully graded APS Pro Mini75 pads or the APS Pro Slim Ø75 mm polishing pads / sponges made of high-quality foam “Made in Germany”.


Q1: What is the APS Pro FP75 Low Vibration 75mm Velcro Backing Plate and what device is it designed for? A: The APS Pro FP75 is a 75mm backing platform with Velcro designed specifically to fit the FLEX PXE80 polisher. It provides stable support for 75mm polishing pads and sanding discs.
Q2: What are the advantages of the low vibration technology of the APS Pro FP75 platform? A: Low vibration technology reduces vibrations transferred to the user, improving comfort during polishing. This also contributes to better tool control and more precise polishing results.
Q3: How to install the APS Pro FP75 on the FLEX PXE80 polisher? A: Align the platform with the threads of the FLEX PXE80 polisher and screw it firmly into place. Make sure it is properly secured before beginning any polishing work.
Q4: Is the APS Pro FP75 platform suitable for other polishers or machines? A: No, the APS Pro FP75 is specifically designed to fit the FLEX PXE80 polisher. It is not recommended to use it on other devices without checking compatibility.
Q5: What types of polishing pads or sanding discs can be used with the APS Pro FP75 platform? A: The APS Pro FP75 is compatible with a variety of 75mm polishing pads and sanding discs that feature a Velcro attachment.
Q6: Can the APS Pro FP75 platform be used for other applications, such as sanding? A: Yes, the platform is versatile and can be used for polishing and sanding applications, providing a stable base for a variety of finishing jobs.
Q7: Is the APS Pro FP75 platform resistant to water and polishing chemicals? A: Yes, the platform is designed to resist water and polishing chemicals, ensuring optimal durability even under heavy use.
Q8: How often should I replace the APS Pro FP75 platform? A: Replacement frequency depends on use and wear. It is recommended to monitor the condition of the platform regularly and replace it if signs of deterioration are visible.
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