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Detail Popo Sunset Blanket Edgeless 350 GSM

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40x40cm, 350gsm, ultra soft, low lint, zero scratch microfiber towel, 70/30 blend.

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Best practice: Always machine wash towels before use to relax lint and remove any possible contamination during transport.

The Popos are looking for the softest and softest towels in the world! So what makes these towels so soft and durable?

Microfiber towels are made of two polymers, polyester and polyamide. Polyester is the basis of towels, it provides the majority of its tensile strength, chemical/mold resistant properties, and polyamide provides the softness and absorbency of the towel. These towels are made with a blend of 70% polymer and 30% polyamide. Gram per square meter (GSM) is the standard unit of weight used in the textile industry, indicating the specific heaviness of the towel blend. Higher GSM does not mean it is better, it is simply an indication of weight. For example, when wiping polishes and waxes, it is best to use a towel under 350 gsm, as there is no need for the added weight of the 600+ gsm. The thickness of the towel does not help in removing the polish, considering that the length of the wick is the same between 350 and 600 g/m². The thickness or weight of the towel is helpful when it comes to drying or absorbing liquids. 500 gsm is preferred when using a waterless spray and wipe car wash, the additional 150 gsm helps absorb excess liquid from the waterless wash, while typically 350 g/m² is optimal when wiping waxes, polishes and using detail sprays.

Waffle towels are thin but heavy for their thickness, usually in the under 400 gsm range. Think of a 400gsm towel compressed into a thin, lint-free towel. The advantage of its thinness is the ease of wringing; a thick 1200 g/m² towel may be more difficult to wring. The waffle weave also completely eliminates the possibility of loose lint, so waffle napkins are excellent for windows too. We designed our microfiber wick to be the optimal length, long enough to have a good surface area, but not too long, because just like a pet, the longer the hair, the more it naturally tends to lint than the wick short, however this also depends on the looping and spinning techniques as well as the style of the towel.

Although most Popo towels are borderless, there is still a misconception that a sealed border towel will scratch, which is not entirely true. Most modern towels with a sealed edge are really soft, however the edges do not have a "wick", as the wick or fuzz of the towel can hide contaminants. This is why chamois leathers are becoming obsolete, although they hold a lot of water, they do not have a wick and are quite dense, providing no place for dirt and dust to hide . The waffle towel mimics chamois in its thickness and weight, but with a larger wick or pores to absorb particles if they are present.

We are also fans of the GYEON Silk Dryer and the CarPro Dhydrate Drying Towels, its twisted loop weft makes it completely lint-free and its fiber structure retains water very well, however it is not intended for drying. wiping polishes, etc., due to its less dense fibers.

Made in South Korea.

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