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GYEON - Q²M Wheel Brush

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Q²M WheelBrush is an extremely safe, high quality microfiber brush designed to effectively clean your precious rims without altering their finish. A gentle but effective solution, both for amateurs and professional detailers. Q²M WheelBrush is made from the same quality fabric as our wash mitt, Q²M Smoothie.

Gyeon Q²M rim brushes are the ultimate solution for cleaning all your wheels, especially hard to reach places. Made from a strong yet soft microfiber material, they provide excellent cleaning power whilst being perfectly safe for your rims. Chemical resistant and highly durable, they last a long time and, being super soft, won't scratch your rims - simply delivering exceptional results.


Q: What is the GYEON Q²M Wheel Brush?

The GYEON Q²M Wheel Brush is a brush specially designed for effective cleaning of car rims. It's made with soft bristles and durable construction to easily reach hard-to-reach places on wheels.

Q: What is the GYEON Q²M Wheel Brush used for?

The Q²M Wheel Brush is used to remove dirt, dust and brake residue from rims. It is particularly effective for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, such as wheel spacers and spokes.

Q: What is the construction of the Q²M Wheel Brush?

The brush features soft yet sturdy nylon bristles that are stiff enough to remove dirt, yet soft enough not to damage rim surfaces. The handle is ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip and optimal control.

Q: On what surfaces can I use the Q²M Wheel Brush?

The Q²M Wheel Brush is specially designed for alloy wheels, but can also be used safely on other car surfaces, such as brake calipers, without the risk of scratches.

Q: How to use the GYEON Q²M Wheel Brush?

*1. Wet the rims. 2. Apply rim cleaner if necessary.

  1. Use the Q²M Wheel Brush to scrub and clean the rim surfaces.
  2. Focus on hard-to-reach places.
  3. Rinse the rims thoroughly.*
Q: Can the Q²M Wheel Brush scratch my rims?

No, the Q²M Wheel Brush is designed with soft bristles to prevent scratches on rim surfaces. However, it is important to ensure that the rims and brush are clean to minimize any potential risk.

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