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Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 (75ml format = 2-3 complete vehicles)

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Ceramic coating with highly hydrophobic properties.

Ceramic Allround C0.02 is a ceramic coating that can be used on a variety of surfaces to provide long-lasting protection. The thin protective layer bonds permanently to the surface through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is triggered by humidity in the air. Complete hardening is achieved after approximately nine days.

Ceramic Allround C0.02 creates a highly hydrophobic surface with very advanced runoff properties. The chemical properties make the treated surface easy to clean by hand. The resulting shine is preserved even after using acidic and alkaline cleaners.

The final sealing of the ceramic coating protects the paintwork against environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings and rust films, while reducing mechanical damage, thus significantly contributing to maintaining or to increase the value of the vehicle.

Depending on the load, the lifespan is 20 to 24 months. With a double layer, the service life increases to 26-30 months. Please note the washing and care instructions.

Before the polishing and sealing process, thoroughly clean or wash the vehicle in an alkaline solution (for example, with Green Star in a 1:10 dilution, do not use sealing shampoos). In case of heavy dirt such as tree sap, rust, tar, etc., pre-treat with cleaning clay, red or blue, or with tar wash A, or similar.

Depending on the condition, varnish preparation of heavily to moderately weathered varnishes is carried out mechanically with Heavy Cut coarse sanding polish or Fine Cut fine sanding polish. See Heavy Cut and Fine Cut product information for precise processing.

Processing slightly weathered varnishes and removing holograms after polishing with Heavy Cut or Fine Cut is carried out with Micro Cut high-gloss polish using eccentrics with forced rotation (for example, Makita PO5000C). View Micro Cut product information.

Completely remove polish residue with a polishing and sealing towel.

Wipe all surfaces with a clean polishing and sealing towel moistened with silicone and wax degreaser, using little pressure, and wipe with another new polishing and sealing towel with the second hand immediately before drying. This is the only method to completely remove surfactants, drying agents, oils contained in polishes, etc., and avoid adhesion problems with Ceramic Allround C0.02.

Caution: For sensitive solid or single-coat paints, the wax and silicone degreaser should be diluted 1:4 with water, preferably distilled water, to avoid possible matting. Lightly buff any remaining marks with another clean polishing and sealing towel without applying pressure.

The paint should now present a surface without scratches or holograms under appropriate lighting. After this step, the paint should not be touched with the palms/fingers (risk of adhesion problems, use gloves). The surface is now perfectly prepared for Ceramic Allround C0.02.

To apply, place the application towel on the applicator block. Apply a generous amount of C0.02 to the application towel and spread it quickly over the paint, proceeding component by component. Alternatively, the applicator block and application towel can also be used for the task. After applying two cross coats, a thin, closed film of liquid should be visible.

Let the product flash, then buff with the sealing towel. Flash time depends on temperature and humidity*. The higher the temperature/humidity, the shorter the flash time. Remove excess first, then use the cool side of the towel to buff in circular motions without applying pressure. Check the result with appropriate lighting to ensure it is free of high spots.

*Application example in summer in Germany: 20 °C / 68 °F, humidity 43%, flash time 6 minutes, consumption depending on vehicle size approx. 15-30 ml .

Important notes on use: Before use, read the hazard warnings on the container or outer packaging and take appropriate protective measures. Ceramic Allround C0.02 reacts to humidity in the air. This can cause crystals to form on the rim when the bottle is opened. If these crystals end up on the application cloth, the surface to be coated is scratched.

In case of double coating, a drying time of approximately 45 minutes should be observed after the first coating, depending on temperature and humidity. The coating is weatherproof after at least 24 hours.

Do not wash the vehicle until nine days at the earliest, as the sealant is not fully cured until then.

Curing time increases in cold outdoor weather (below 15°C / 59°F). Carry out a first car wash no sooner than after nine days, as the sealant is completely cured at that time.

Application of Spray Sealant S0.02 or Hand Wax W0.01 is recommended after 24 hours to protect the ceramic seal which is not yet completely cured.

Avoid cleaning agents with pH values ​​below 3 or above 12. An opened bottle can be stored for a maximum of 6 months. Check the bottle for crystallization before use.

Car Wash: Hand washing is recommended to preserve the shiny ceramic surface for as long as possible. Use Green Star (1:10 dilution) for alkaline cleaning. Use a gentle foam for neutral washes. To remove mineral dirt, deep cleansing with Reactivation Shampoo is recommended.

After care: Professional maintenance preserves the ceramic coating and minimizes water stains. Therefore, after washing the vehicle, Hydro Foam Sealant (1:50 to 1:150 dilution) is recommended as a wet sealant or Spray Sealant S0.02 as an overcoat. Please refer to product information for exact treatment.

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