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Maxshine Premium Heavy Duty Detailing Cart 2023

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Calling all detailers!

Whether you're a mobile detailer, owner of a detailing shop, or a home hobbyist, you need to keep it organized! You can't perform a proper and efficient auto detailing service without the tools to keep your equipment organized. Do you have mobile car detailing equipment? Wall storage is compatible in a van as well as a garage.

Do auto detailing right with MaxShine's famous organizational tools. Move your tools and accessories with you while you work! Durable from start to finish, Maxshine's premium detailing cart is built to last. Capable of holding a multitude of products and suitable for any project, this detailing cart keeps everything you need close at hand and perfectly organized.

Effortless Maneuverability: 4 inch heavy duty casters, locking swivel casters, 2 pieces with brakes, 360 degree top plate swivel casters.

Durability: Made from high quality PP material

Organized: The top shelf is equipped with four 16 oz or 32 oz bottle holders, two phone or mini pad holders, four detail brush holders and two polisher holders.

Safety: Recessed shelves keep tools in place.

Two side plates with 12 hooks to keep tools close at hand.

SMOOTH AND QUIET: With double precision ball bearings that contribute to smooth mobility and low noise while moving, these swivel casters remain smooth and quiet even under heavy load.

EASY STEERING: Equipped with a 360 degree swivel head, the casters can respond immediately to changes in direction. These casters pivot on ball bearings to keep the wheel rotating even under heavy loads. This allows you to work in tight spaces or other environments requiring greater maneuverability.

Specificities :

Four 16 oz or 32 oz cup/bottle holders.

Two polisher holders.

4 inch rubber caster wheels, double locking, double bearing, 360 degree rotation.


Q1: What is Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher Kit M0312 V2.0 and what is it used for?

Answer: The Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher Kit M0312 V2.0 is a cordless mini polisher designed for polishing small surfaces, hard-to-reach areas or car details. It is ideal for precise and light polishing work.

Q2: How powerful is the Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher?

Answer: Power may vary depending on the specific model of the mini polisher. Check product specifications for exact wattage.

Q3: What types of pads are compatible with the Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher?

Answer: The mini polisher is generally compatible with small sized pads adapted to its compact format. Check product specifications for precise details.

Q4: How to adjust the speed of the Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher?

Answer: The speed of the cordless mini polisher is usually adjustable using a button or dial on the tool. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to adjust the speed to suit your needs.

Q5: Is the Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the mini polisher is often recommended for beginners due to its compact size and ease of use. However, it is always advisable to practice on a small area before using it on an entire car.

Q6: Does the quality of Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher guarantee long-lasting use?

Answer: Durability depends on the quality of materials and construction of the mini polisher. Proper maintenance and use according to the manufacturer's recommendations will help prolong its life.

Q7: Does the Maxshine Mini Micro Cordless Polisher come with any accessories?

Answer: Yes, the mini polisher kit can include polishing pads, batteries, charger, and other accessories. See package contents or product specifications.

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