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Today took place the grand premiere of the GYEON Show 2024, an annual event reporting on the brand's latest innovations which takes place completely online on YouTube. The 2024 edition counts on a guest who no longer needs any introduction in the world of detailing, none other than: Pan The Organizer 

Watch the GYEON Show 2024 right here .

This is already the 4th edition since 2020 and we can say that it has become a tradition for the brand. This is the ideal opportunity for the company to go more in-depth in explaining the new 2024 features. This episode allows you to really better understand the new features that will arrive on the shelves in a few weeks.

Here are some interesting news that our team picked up! Year after year GYEON has always impressed us by being the pioneer with several unique products. Also, GYEON has always impressed with its exceptional design and it will be no different this year with a host of new products that promise great performance, but also completely new designs.


Leather Cleaner Natural

A brand new leather cleaner that is intended to be gentler, to provide a safe solution for semi-aniline leather and nappa leather.


Gyeon Total Remover

A completely unique product on the market which aims to remove a coating, wax or sealant effortlessly. This product can be used, among other things, to remove a “high spot” which could have been caused during the application of a ceramic protection. You can therefore use the Total Remover to effortlessly remove the high spot and reapply the protection.

total remover

TFR (traffic film remover)

A product that will be used during pre-washing and certainly very useful here in Quebec which allows calcium and road film to be removed effortlessly. It's an alkaline product that we can't wait to try, because Gyeon only had Gyeon Foam to offer as a pre-wash solution. The latter is an excellent product with a neutral pH, but it lacked cleaning power in our winter conditions...



Defrost aims to be an instant defroster. Resistant to temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius, it's the kind of product you keep in your vehicle in winter. We can't wait to try this one too!



Finally Gyeon is launching into more ecological options with its new Ecowash solution. It is a product that can be used as a waterless wash, rinseless wash, drying aid and also as a quick detailer. Its formula is highly concentrated; you just need to dilute it according to the use you wish to make of it. This is the ideal option for those who do not have easy access to water, for example residents of apartment blocks.



In addition to these 5 new products, GYEON is launching a brand new line, PURIFY. Want to know more about this line, visit our blog post about it right here.



In addition to all these wonderful new products, GYEON has reserved for us a rebranding of these bottles which were already among the most 'eye-catching' in the industry. We reinforced the bottles to make them more durable. A child-resistant spray was also installed to provide additional security.

In terms of design, the labels have been enlarged and the uses on each bottle have also been more clearly identified.

Finally, the bottles and sprays were tested with each product to obtain greater resistance to water and different chemicals. All this in order to obtain a premium quality bottle that will last longer without failures.


GYEON also took the opportunity to improve some of its existing products, most of which are already extremely efficient products. Here are the improved versions of existing products that we will be entitled to in 2024


Iron Remover Redefined

According to what we understand, it seems that GYEON has found a secret formula ensuring that their ferrous particle decontaminant no longer smells like rotten eggs (sulfur). It seems that there is no longer any noticeable bad smell when using this product, it even smells like bananas according to Pan The Organizer!

Iron Wheel Cleaner Redefined

Same as the Iron Remover, the smell will be significantly improved, but it seems that the product is also now thicker which allows it to stay on the wheel longer and work even deeper.

Tar Redefined

The new version of Tar no longer contains VOC (volatile organic compound) and is therefore much safer for the user.

Clay Lube Redefined

An even more concentrated version of a product that was already extremely economical.

Cure/Cure Matte/PPF Maintain Redefined

These three products will obtain an even higher concentration of sio2 which will provide even more shine and durability. Also use will be even simpler with less chance of “striking” the product on the paint.

Leather Coat Redefined

An already excellent product for leather maintenance which will be even easier to apply from what we have been able to understand.

Compound+ Redefined

A polishing compound that will produce even less dust, or no dust at all.

Interior Detailer Redefined

A star product at GYEON for years, nothing has changed in its formulation but it has instead been incorporated into the new Purify line.


That's not all, in addition to all these new products, its improved versions, rebranding, GYEON also offers us 4 new coatings for 2024.


Leathershield EVO

It's the turn of the famous LeatherShield to receive notable improvements. The EVO version makes application even easier and its durability is now extended by 50%.

Trim EVO

Trim EVO receives a different formulation which makes it even thicker in order to better penetrate different plastics. We know that plastics are one of the most difficult surfaces to protect and adhere to long-lasting protection. We can therefore expect 36 months of protection for plastics with Gyeon Trim EVO. It also helps permanently restore plastics that are laundered.


An already unique product on the market which sees its durability increase by 50%. We can now hope for 18 to 24 months of protection on one of the most stressed surfaces of a vehicle!


The original version of View includes the cleanse product which was not always an easy product to use. We replaced it with a more effective and simpler to use product, Glass Polish. The durability of this ceramic treatment will also be increased by 50%, we can now expect 12-18 months of protection on glass surfaces.


This year more than ever GYEON came out strong with all these new releases. The South Korean company started the SEMA SHOW 2023 by announcing a new design for their bottles, this first announcement left me with a rather bitter taste. Indeed, GYEON was already renowned for the attractive look of their bottles, I told myself that it was more or less necessary. Finally, the following days followed a host of announcements of new and improved products and finally the GYEON SHOW 2024 was simply incredible and our team is really excited about the arrival of all these new products.

For more than a decade, the company has launched innovative products that have become successes all over the world. Let us think in particular in 2013 of the release of Gyeon Q²M Wet Coat which still today is probably the best hydrophobic sealant on the market. We can also think of the Leather Shield launched in 2015 which was the first ceramic treatment designed for leather or even all their ceramic protections which continue to evolve.

GYEON never stops innovating and I believe that several of the products that will hit the shelves in the coming weeks will be guaranteed home runs for the brand, because they are all unique and innovative products!

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