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GYEON Lance une toute nouvelle ligne: Purify

GYEON Launches a brand new line: Purify

As every year, during the SEMA SHOW, GYEON takes the opportunity to release some new products. This year the South Korean company presents Purify.

Purify is a complementary line of products that will help eliminate and prevent any bacteria, fungi or viruses. Its modern and advanced surface science allows it to create an active barrier against the growth of any microbe. The Purify range consists of 4 completely new products and the well-known Q²M InteriorDetailer, the formula of which remains unchanged. All of these products should be available from winter 2024.


What is he doing ?

Q2 Purify Coat leverages unique technology to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes on any interior surface. Leaves a natural, matte finish. Can be used on trim, leather and fabrics.

What makes it special?

It creates an antibacterial layer on any surface, whether in automotive, marine or domestic applications. Unlike alcohol-based products, its 100% natural formula is durable for up to 12 months. GYEON has successfully functionalized silica particles (SiO2) at the atomic level. The minimal addition of copper (Cu2+) as an active ingredient achieves a long-lasting effect and complete safety of use.


Innovative formula

NO VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

100% natural ingredients


100ml –


What is he doing ?

Using the same technology as Q² Purify Coat, Q²M Purify Maintain is designed to help maintain the antibacterial effect of the coating. It extends its durability and also has antibacterial properties. Use it as an everyday interior detailer or to maintain your siding. It will remove light dust and dirt while providing surface protection for 3-6 months or more.

What makes it special?

A unique technology, used for the first time in the automotive industry, sets a new standard in antibacterial surface protection and creates a completely new product category that can expand the portfolio of detailing studios or car washes.


100% natural ingredients Antibacterial Safe on all surfaces


500ml, 4000ml


What is he doing ?

The Q²M OdorRemover Pad uses unique technology to encapsulate unpleasant odors and completely eliminate them from any interior. Whether in a vehicle, boat, plane or home, the pads will help eliminate odors for many months.

What makes it special?

The Q²M OdorRemover Pad does not mask unpleasant odors like most air fresheners. Using active particles from our classic OdorRemover, it encapsulates and removes them while remaining completely interior neutral, making it a perfect choice for vehicle interiors carrying children or pets.


Eliminates unpleasant odors Water-based formula Long-term effect


4 pads per pack


What is he doing ?

The Q²M OdorRemover uses unique technology to encapsulate unpleasant odors and completely eliminate them from any interior. Whether in a vehicle, boat, plane or home, its power will help eliminate odors and last for several months.

What makes it special?

Thanks to its water-based formula, it can be sprayed on any interior surface without any risk to you and your passengers. Using only natural ingredients and containing no alcohol, it is ideal for interiors of vehicles carrying children or pets.


No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

Eliminates all odors Safe on all surfaces

Only natural ingredients


500ml / 4000ml


In conclusion, the Gyeon Purify line offers a complete range of high-performance cleaning and maintenance products, specially formulated to ensure the cleanliness, protection and preservation of interior surfaces. Whether to eliminate bacteria, bad odors or maintain the durability of coatings, each product in the Purify range is designed with innovative technology and natural ingredients.

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