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3D Products - ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND

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Size: 237ML

3D ACA™ 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ is infused with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA™. Alpha Ceramic Alumina™ is a revolutionary new abrasive that has been designed to provide lower heat and high-speed leveling that will correct even the most difficult varnishes and paints in just one step. This precision engineered compound delivers TRUE PAINT PERFECTION in the shortest possible time.

ACA™ 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ is extremely versatile. ACA™ 500 is aggressive enough to correct the hardest new ceramic clear coats and refined to the point that extremely soft glazes are not too lacerated. It is easy to use, easy to clean, sun resistant and contains NO harmful solvents, kerosene or OSHA regulated CRYSTALLINE SILICA. ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ can be perfectly combined with a WOOL or FOAM pad and used with a rotary pad or dual action polisher.

3D knows what every designer wants; a REAL, simple PAINT CORRECTION SYSTEM that delivers a perfect finish in the shortest possible time… EVERY TIME. 3D ACA™ 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ combined with 3D ACA® 520 FINISHING POLISH™ is that system.

Discover the 3D Products ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND, the ultimate solution for restoring the shine to your vehicle. This professional grade cutting compound is specially formulated to remove stubborn paint defects such as scratches, swirls and surface imperfections.

With its advanced technology, the ACA-500 delivers aggressive cutting action while being gentle enough to prevent damage to delicate paintwork. Its unique formulation achieves exceptional results by reducing the necessary polishing steps.

Whether used by hand or with a machine, ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND applies easily and polishes smoothly, leaving behind a smooth, shiny surface. Transform the appearance of your vehicle by removing the marks of time and revealing the true beauty of your paint.

Trust 3D Products to deliver professional-quality results every time. Give your car a new life with the ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND and rediscover the satisfaction of impeccable and radiant paintwork.

**FAQ - 3D Products ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND**

**1. What is 3D Products ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND?**
3D Products ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND is a professional cutting compound designed to restore automotive paint by removing stubborn defects such as scratches, swirls and surface imperfections.

**2. How does the ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND work?**
This cutting compound works by combining precise abrasive action with a gentle formula to remove paint defects without damaging the surface. It reduces marks while preparing the paint for final polishing.

**3. Is ACA-500 suitable for all types of paint?**
The ACA-500 is compatible with most paint types, including modern clear paints. However, it is recommended to test on a small, inconspicuous area to assess compatibility with your specific paint.

**4. Can I use the ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND by hand?**
Yes, ACA-500 can be used by hand by applying a small amount to a polishing pad or applicator. However, for optimal results, use with a polishing machine is recommended.

**5. How often should I use the ACA-500 on my car?**
The frequency depends on the condition of your paint and your specific needs. In general, it is recommended to use the ACA-500 when paint defects are visible or during periodic renovation processes.

**6. Does ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND leave swirls?**
No, when properly used, ACA-500 should not leave excessive swirls on paint. It is important to follow the application and polishing instructions for best results.

**7. Should I use a finishing product after using ACA-500?**
Yes, after using ACA-500 it is recommended to use a finishing product such as polish or wax to restore the shine and protection of the paint.

**8. Does ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND contain harmful chemicals?**
No, ACA-500 is formulated to be safe to use and does not contain harmful chemicals if used as directed.

**9. Can I use ACA-500 on surfaces other than paint?**
The ACA-500 is designed specifically for automotive painting. It is recommended not to use it on sensitive surfaces such as glass or transparent plastic.

**10. Where can I buy the 3D Products ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND?**
The ACA-500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND from 3D Products is generally available on the 3D Products website as well as through authorized resellers of the brand.

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Customer Reviews

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Meilleur heavy compound sur le marché!

De loin le meilleur heavy compound que j’ai pu essayer. Que ça soit avoir une machine dual action ou rotative, en terme de coupe il est parmis les meilleurs et a aucune difficulté à polir des traces de sablage jusqu’à P1500 de mon expérience. Le cycle de polissage est extrêmement long, pratiquement infini ce qui aide beaucoup pour un produit de ce genre parce que ca permet d’éliminer tous les défauts en un seul passage. La consistance est assez liquide et huileuse donc ça a ses positifs et négatifs: la lubrification est vraiment super et il ne fait pratiquement aucune poussière de polissage mais l’essuyage est un peu plus difficile (ça ne m’a jamais causé de problème) et si on ne se méfie pas il peu avoir tendance à etre répandu autour de la zone de travail par la polisseuse. Le fini est excellent considérant la coupe et dans certains cas pourrait même être utilisé en 1 étape avec le bon tampon tout dépendant de la peinture qu’on travaille. Avec tout ça et le prix qui est parmis les moins chers ACA500 est un indispensable selon moi et je ne me vois pas changer vers un autre produit

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