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3D Products - Eraser Gel (waterspot remover)

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3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover makes it easy to remove unsightly water spots and mineral deposits. Plus, this powerful yet safe acidic thick gel formula is effective unlike most water-based liquid stain removers on the market.

3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover works by dissolving the calcium and minerals that make up visual stains or chalky-looking circles. It also dissolves the residual chemicals that form the bond between those chalky mineral stains and your car's paint, glass, metal and plastic surfaces. . Simply apply, leave to work then wipe off.

What is this? - A thick liquid acid gel.

What does it do? - Chemically dissolves and removes water stains and mineral deposits.

When do you use it? - Whenever you discover unsightly water spots and mineral deposits on your car's exterior surfaces.

Why use 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover over other options? - At 3D, we are a manufacturer, not a re-bottler. We have our own team of chemists to create our own formulas.

When you see the 3D name on the outside of the bottle, it means you know you can trust the formulas inside the bottle.

Removes hard water stains and mineral deposits from glass and paint.
Rich, thick gel formula provides extended stay time.
Sticks to vertical surfaces instead of dripping or dripping paint.
The strong but safe acidic formula dissolves the bond so mineral deposits and water stains can simply be wiped away.
Eco-friendly, biodegradable and VOC compliant.

Discover the power of erasing with 3D Products Eraser Gel, the product of choice for effectively removing stubborn water marks. This professional quality gel is specially formulated to restore the clarity of your glass and painted surfaces by eliminating water residue, limescale and other impurities.

3D Products Eraser Gel offers precise and easy application thanks to its gel texture, allowing you to specifically target affected areas. It adheres vertically to surfaces, giving you full control to quickly remove unwanted marks.

Whether for your car windows, your mirrors, or even your bodywork, Eraser Gel is your ally to restore shine and transparency. Give your vehicle a pristine appearance by eliminating unsightly water residue with 3D Products' cleaning solution. Enjoy crystal clear clarity that will make your vehicle shine like new.

FAQ - 3D Products Eraser Gel for Removing Water Marks

1. What is 3D Products Eraser Gel for removing water marks? 3D Products Eraser Gel is a cleaner specially formulated to remove stubborn water marks, mineral stains and lime deposits from a variety of surfaces including windows, mirrors and vehicle bodies.

2. How does 3D Products Eraser Gel work to remove water marks? This gel contains special cleaning agents that react chemically with water marks and minerals, effectively dissolving them from the surface. It acts gently to restore the transparency of the surface without damaging it.

3. Where can I use 3D Products Eraser Gel? You can use Eraser Gel on a variety of surfaces, including windows, windshields, mirrors, vehicle bodies, boats, and glass, plastic, or chrome surfaces.

4. Where can I buy 3D Products Eraser Gel? You can buy the Eraser Gel directly on the Center Extranet website at

5. Does Eraser Gel require additional protection after use? After using Eraser Gel, it is recommended to apply a coat of wax or sealant to protect the clean, restored surface from further water marks.

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