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3D Products - Glass Cleaner (3.79L)

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Cleaning glass is everyone's least favorite task because glass and mirrors reflect streaks, smudges or haze directly into your eyes. The secret to crystal-clear, streak-free glass starts with the chemistry inside the bottle, not the marketing fluff on the exterior label. This is where 3D Glass Cleaner is superior to the competition. 3D chemists created 3D Window Cleaner using all-natural ingredients produced with ethanol from farm-grown corn through industrial fermentation. 3D Glass Cleaner not only excels at cleaning any crystal clear glass, it is also VOC compliant and biodegradable.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

What is this? - Window and surface cleaner for glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

What does it do? - Cleans glass and other surfaces without leaving residue, streaks, stains or haze.

When do you use it? - Whenever you need to restore crystal clear, streak-free results on all automotive and household glass as well as other surfaces.

Why use 3D Glass Cleaner over other options? - There are many window cleaners on the market. In fact, it is one of the most populated categories for automotive and home use. One of the reasons you'll find a plethora of these products on the market is that it's inexpensive to make a simple window cleaner, but that doesn't mean it's a good window cleaner.

What sets our window cleaner apart from all others is the chemistry of the product inside the bottle. 3D Glass Cleaner is a broad spectrum cleaner that uses our own proprietary chemistry to not only clean by dissolving both water soluble contaminants (dirt, dust, pollen) and water insoluble contaminants (oily substances) , but also to help your glass. the napkins absorb and trap these things from the glass and onto the napkin.

Streak-free, haze-free formula leaves glass crystal clear.
Quick application – spray, wipe.
Ammonia-free – safe for all glass, including tinted windows.
Removes smoker's greasy film and vinyl haze.
Anti-fog formula – helps reduce fogging on windows in humid, cold or hot climates.
Alcohol-based window cleaner dissolves greasy fingerprints and pet stains.
Ideal for household cleaning: glass windows, mirrors, light fixtures, tiles, vases, blinds, shelves, desktops.
3D Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable – Prop 65 and VOC compliant.

Experience dazzling clarity with 3D Products Glass Cleaner, the ideal solution for spotless glass. Our professional formula effectively removes dirt, fingerprints and residue, leaving your glass surfaces crystal clear.

The 3D Products Glass Cleaner is designed to provide maximum visibility, whether on the windshield, side windows or mirrors. It dries quickly without leaving annoying streaks or residue, making it a perfect choice for quick and efficient cleaning.

Easy to use, this window cleaner is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including glass, mirrors and automotive glass surfaces. Get clear vision and brilliant brightness with 3D Products Glass Cleaner, the essential tool for spotless glass every time.

**FAQ - 3D Products Glass Cleaner**

**1. What is 3D Products Glass Cleaner?**
3D Products Glass Cleaner is a cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt, fingerprints, smudges and residue from your vehicle's windows and other glass surfaces.

**2. Can 3D Products Glass Cleaner be used on surfaces other than glass?**
Although designed primarily for glass surfaces, this cleaner can also be used on smooth surfaces such as plastic, chrome and metal, but it is recommended to test on a small area before widespread application.

**3. Is Glass Cleaner safe for tinted windows?**
Yes, 3D Products Glass Cleaner is generally safe for tinted windows, but it is best to check compatibility with the tint manufacturer or test on a small area to avoid any problems.

**4. Does Glass Cleaner leave marks or residue on windows?**
No, when used correctly and wiped with a clean, dry microfiber cloth, 3D Products Glass Cleaner generally does not leave streaks or residue on glass.

**5. Can I use it on my car's windshields and exterior mirrors?**
Yes, Glass Cleaner is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including on windshields and exterior mirrors, for optimal visibility.

**6. Does 3D Products Glass Cleaner remove plastic film residue from windows?**
Yes, it can be effective in removing plastic film residue from windows, but it may require several applications and careful wiping.

**7. Is 3D Products Glass Cleaner environmentally safe?**
Most 3D Products products are formulated with high environmental standards and are designed to be safe for the user and the environment when used as directed.

**8. Can I use Glass Cleaner on very dirty windows?**
Yes, 3D Products Glass Cleaner is effective in removing stubborn dirt from glass. For heavily soiled windows, you may need multiple applications.

**9. Where can I buy 3D Products Glass Cleaner?**
You can purchase Glass Cleaner from 3D Products. With us at the Center Extranet

**10. Does Glass Cleaner contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals?**
Most of 3D Products' quality window cleaners are formulated to be ammonia-free and free of harsh chemicals, making them safe for use on a variety of glass surfaces. Always check labels to ensure specific composition.

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