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3D Products - LVP Conditioner (polish, leather and vinyl polish)

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Size: 473ML

Premium Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Car Interior Freshener
Restores, conditions and protects leather and trim
Extends life and appearance
Ideal for seats, steering wheels, door panels and more

What is this? - Multi-purpose conditioner and protector for leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

What does it do? - Conditions and protects leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

When do you use it? - After first cleaning the surface, then apply 3D LVP conditioner to restore, preserve and protect.

Why use 3D LVP Conditioner over other options? - The types of materials used for modern car interiors are superior in quality and longevity to the types of materials used decades ago. This is great for us car owners, but you still need to be proactive and use something to maintain the life, longevity and appearance of these ever-changing materials. 3D chemists are well aware and keep up to date with the continuous improvements and changes in technology and materials used in automotive interiors. As technology evolves and new materials are introduced to improve the quality of any automaker's vehicle fleet, it's no surprise to our chemist, it's his job to keep abreast of these changes . This is why our product formulas are continually evolving to ensure our formulas remain up to date with these manufacturing improvements worldwide in the automotive industry. And that's why you should trust and use 3D products for your car interior. These are the best products because they use premium ingredients, green technology and the formulas are always up to date to match the surface they are to be used on.

The 3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product inside the bottle.

Conditions and protects leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.
Restores and maintains flexibility, stretch
Helps prevent cracking, tearing, fading and fading.
Creates a rich natural appearance with a matte shine.
Non-greasy, non-greasy, non-shiny, no residue after wiping
Contains all-natural mink oil to restore a soft, supple feel and extend the life of leather and vinyl.
Has a light, fresh leather scent to restore that new car smell.
3D's green technology is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and VOC compliant.
Safe for coated leather. Do not use on nubuck or aniline leather surfaces. Also do not use on Alcantara, micro-suede or velor surfaces.

**FAQ - 3D Products LVP Conditioner**

Q. What is 3D Products LVP Conditioner?**
3D Products LVP Conditioner is a treatment product specifically designed for vinyl, leather and plastic (LVP) surfaces inside your vehicle.

Q. How does 3D Products LVP Conditioner work?**
This product hydrates, nourishes and protects LVP surfaces, leaving them supple, shiny and resistant to cracking. It also prevents drying out due to exposure to the sun and the elements.

Q. What surfaces can I treat with LVP Conditioner?**
3D Products LVP Conditioner is suitable for vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces inside your car, including seats, dashboards, door panels and more.

Q. How often should I use LVP Conditioner?**
It is recommended to apply LVP Conditioner every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the suppleness and appearance of LVP surfaces. However, frequency may vary depending on exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Q. Does LVP Conditioner leave greasy residue on treated surfaces?**
No, when LVP Conditioner is used correctly and wiped off adequately, it generally does not leave a greasy or sticky residue on surfaces.

Q. Does LVP Conditioner contain UV protection agents?**
Yes, 3D Products LVP Conditioner is often formulated with UV protection agents to help prevent fading and sun damage.

Q. Can LVP Conditioner be used on exterior car surfaces?**
No, LVP Conditioner is specifically designed for car interior surfaces. For exterior surfaces, you should use appropriate products such as paint protection products.

**8. Can I use LVP Conditioner on other types of surfaces?**
Although primarily designed for vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces inside the car, LVP Conditioner can sometimes be used on other similar surfaces, but it is best to test on a small area First of all.

**9. Where can I buy 3D Products LVP Conditioner?**
You can purchase the LVP Conditioner from 3D Products directly on our website at Center Extranet

**10. Does LVP Conditioner have an unpleasant odor?**
No, 3D Products LVP Conditioner is generally formulated to have a pleasant smell that leaves your car's interior fresh and clean.

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