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Contactless car drying for car care enthusiasts.
As any car care enthusiast knows, contactless detailing methods significantly reduce the risk of paint scratches. While the washing process still requires a glove, the drying process no longer requires a cloth!

Dust and dirt can get trapped in the long, absorbent fibers of drying cloths and cause scratches when the cloth is rubbed over the paint. The edges of fabrics can cause marks when the towel is "whipped" back and forth. Synthetic chamois may be ineffective at absorbing water and natural chamois may eliminate wax protection. Using the BigBoi BlowR Mini eliminates all of these possibilities, so you'll never have to worry about inadvertently marking your paint as it dries.

The BigBoi BlowR Mini is the ideal solution for car maintenance enthusiasts. Featuring the most efficient single motor in the industry, the 2,800-watt motor (depending on your region) uses heated, filtered air to drive water from paint, metal, glass and chrome . The air force blast trapped water behind badges, headlight and taillight surrounds, mirror housings and other hard-to-reach areas. The BlowR Mini comes with 2 interchangeable nozzles to ensure that air can be directed into restricted areas or along channels and grooves. Choose from two wind speeds and three temperatures, depending on the task at hand.

Features and Benefits:

Contactless drying protects paint from scratches and swirls.
Powerful motor throws water out of traps and away from surfaces
Ideal for drying around filler caps, wheel spokes, calipers and nuts
Quickly dries engines and components, prevents corrosion
Wind control adjustable in 2 stages from 72 km/h to 250 km/h (45 mph - 155 mph)
BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) - select 15, 25 or 45 degrees Celsius (°C)
Uses filtered warm air
Use on paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible tops
2 x Locking Rubber Hose Tips with bigboi New Locking Nozzle System.
Foam air filter included (washable and reusable)
Removable wheelbase available separately
Technical specifications:

2,800 watt motor producing (depending on your region)
Airflow: CFM/FPM 29,600 FPM
DB rating: Low 73 High 79
5m commercial grade hose
Neoprene Rubber Hose End
Low noise reduction dual filter system

EZ Change Foam Filter
BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) – select from 3 temperatures
Size: 35x40x20cm
Suitable for use in temperatures between 15 and 45 degrees C
Weight: 3.5 kg


1. **What is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI?**
The BigBoi BLOWR MINI is a compact and powerful vehicle dryer designed to quickly dry your car after washing. It offers an effective solution to prevent water marks and scratches when drying.

2. **How ​​powerful is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI?**
The BigBoi BLOWR MINI is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers impressive drying force. This allows you to dry your vehicle quickly and safely.

3. **Is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI suitable for all types of vehicles?**

Yes, the BigBoi BLOWR MINI is suitable for all types of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and even campers. It is versatile and can be used on various surfaces.

5. **What are the advantages of using the BigBoi BLOWR MINI compared to a microfiber towel?**
The BigBoi BLOWR MINI offers a faster and more efficient drying solution. It quickly removes water from hard-to-reach corners, reducing the risk of water spots and scratches forming on your vehicle's surface. Plus, it's gentler on paint than scrubbing with a microfiber towel.

6. **What accessories are included with the BigBoi BLOWR MINI?**
The BigBoi BLOWR MINI usually comes with a variety of tips to accommodate different drying situations, as well as a power cord and instructions.

7. **Is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI noisy?**

The BigBoi BLOWR MINI is designed to deliver powerful drying while remaining relatively quiet compared to other vehicle dryers. It is therefore more discreet during use.

8. **Can I use the BigBoi BLOWR MINI for other cleaning tasks?**
Yes, you can use the BigBoi BLOWR MINI to dry other objects and surfaces, such as carpets, outdoor furniture, boats, caravans, etc. It is versatile and useful for many cleaning applications.

9. **Is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI easy to maintain?**
Yes, it is relatively easy to maintain. It is recommended to clean the air filters regularly to maintain optimal performance. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the user manual.

10. **Is the BigBoi BLOWR MINI covered by a warranty?**

Warranty may vary by retailer, but in general, BigBoi offers a limited warranty on its products. Please check warranty details upon purchase for more information.

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