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MaxShine - M15 Pro Series II 5" 15mm/1000W - Dual action polisher

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Dual Action Orbital Polisher

Superior performance, reliability, comfort
The M15 Pro Dual Action Orbital Polisher is Maxshine's flagship machine. Its optimized 15mm orbit range and 5-inch backing plate size make it adaptable to most detailing jobs, correcting paint faster and easier. This premium dual-action orbital polisher effectively removes light scratches and swirls while improving shine. Take your detailing projects to the next level with the M15 Pro.

Speed ​​efficiency
The high no-load speed of 2,200 to 5,000 RPM creates a more efficient machine, while the 6-level speed control allows for controlled precision.

1. Powerful 1000 watt motor, effectively eliminate defects faster.
2. Smooth start with a constant speed system.
3. Ergonomic design, the handle and handle covered with non-slip soft rubber provide a comfortable and secure grip.
4. Electronic speed control with a dial, large numbers, click feeling to indicate speed changes.
5. Soft switch trigger, the trigger can control speeds and 6 speed settings.
6. Removable intake metal mesh covers design. They help prevent wool fibers, compound dust and polish from entering the engine and causing damage.
7. CNC machined steel counterweight.
8. Heat emission hole design on the head cover.


Q1: What is the MaxShine - M15 Pro Series II 5" 15mm/1000W and what is it used for?

Answer: The MaxShine - M15 Pro Series II is a dual action polisher designed for polishing and buffing vehicle surfaces. It is used to eliminate paint defects, improve shine and restore shine to the bodywork.

Q2: How does the MaxShine M15 Pro Series II Dual Action Polisher work?

Answer: The polisher performs simultaneous orbital and rotary movements, which helps distribute pressure evenly across the surface while minimizing the risk of damage. This makes polishing easier without leaving swirl marks.

Q3: What are the advantages of using MaxShine - M15 Pro Series II?

Answer: Benefits include improved polishing efficiency, reduced risk of holograms or swirl marks, and ease of use for automotive detailers and detailing enthusiasts.

Q4: Is the M15 Pro Series II polisher suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the M15 Pro Series II is often recommended for beginners due to its dual action design which reduces the risk of paint damage. However, proper training is always recommended.

Q5: What is the orbit/movement size of the M15 Pro Series II?

Answer: The M15 Pro Series II has a 15mm orbit, which means the polishing head moves in orbit a distance of 15mm during operation.

Q6: Does the M15 Pro Series II Polisher come with polishing pads?

Answer: Included accessories may vary, but generally the M15 Pro Series II comes with appropriate polishing pads for different applications.

Q7: Can I adjust the speed of the M15 Pro Series II polisher?

Answer: Yes, most M15 Pro Series II polishers offer the ability to adjust the rotation speed, allowing the user to adjust the speed depending on the polishing task.

Q8: What types of polishing pads are compatible with M15 Pro Series II?

Answer: The M15 Pro Series II is generally compatible with a range of 5-inch polishing pads, but it is recommended to check the product specifications for precise details.

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